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βουβαλίσιο κρέας, βουβαλισιο κρεασ, βουβαλίσιο κρέας Κερκίνης, Μπόρας

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Our factory

our factory...

In a state-of-the-art facility in the area of Lake Kerkini and surrounded by the producer's farms, our company produces certified products from Greek buffalo meat according to the strictest hygiene and food rules, applying the EN ISO 22000:2018 - Quality Management System.

At the same time, thanks to traceability, we ensure the thorough monitoring of each animal through the GL1 TRACE program, which our company has been implementing as a pioneer in the field of meat processing since 2010. This is a software system through which the record of each product is logged and provides information such as: producer, date of slaughter and processing, weight and batch of packaging. This way, every stage of processing is available to the consumer.

with modern production methods...

With a modern meat processing and standardization plant, Boras produces excellent products that have fans everywhere.  The continuous monitoring of the animal population, from birth to slaughter - thanks to the consistency of the scientific and technical staff - ensures quality in the production process at every stage. Our staff is continuously trained in hygiene and safety rules and production technologies.

βουβαλίσιο κρέας, βουβαλισιο κρεασ, βουβαλίσιο κρέας Κερκίνης, Μπόρας
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